Saturday, November 3, 2012


We had an awesome Halloween.  My kids said tit was the best one ever.  It srated last Friday with our co-op-- we went to a nice pumkin patch for a field trip-- then we drove to Layton and closed on our house-- yay!  Then we had an extended family Halloween party on Sat.  I sewed a monkey costume that morning and sewed on the ears on the way over-- it only took me about an hour to sew and I used another costume for the pattern and I didn't have to unpick anything-- I was very proud of myself.  Anyway, we had a colonial girl, a cat, a monkey, a ninja, iron man, batman, Po from teletubbies and a little lion.  They werre cute, but I don't think we even got a picture of them all together we were so busy just trying to gather up all the pieces and kids we needed for each activity.  Then Monday night we picked out our pumpkins and the kids carved them the next day during school hours.  They really did a nice job and I think we got pictures of those.  Then Wed. was Halloween-- we took the afternoon to decorate the entryway.  I told the kids we weren't going to buy anything new but they could use anything in the house.  We had a bunch of white row cover material that worked perfectly to look like a drop cloth on the stairs banister, and we covered the stairs with white sheets and had some white tulle for the holding rail on the other side.  Then we strung pictures of bats and a scary face the kids made across the ceiling and one of the kids made silhouttes we put in the windows, adn we scattered straw all over the floor, and had a fan going and a black light and a little table with the candy and some cardboard tombstones, and my husband set up speakers all over the entryway with really scary music and some speakers hidden above the candy bowl that he would play some more creepy screams and sounds right when the kids would reach for the candy.  It was a lot of fun.  We had way more tricker treaters here in this new neighborhood than we ever did in the old neighborhood-- I think we had 5 last year and maybe 10 the year before.  So the kids loved it.  We closed shop around 9 and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I forgot about the soup so we had candy for dinner instead.  The kids traded most of it in for screen time minutes.  They played a ton on Friday.  A most successful Halloween!  The best part was the next day when everyone helped clean it all up and the house looked pretty good!  We are going to have to do that again!

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