Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guantanamo and Mitt Romney contrast to Ron Paul 2002 Predictions

This is the story of an innocent man from Bosnia who was detained in Guantanamo Bay for seven years before he was finally allowed a trial and found innocent. It is not very long, but very worth reading:

There are still prisoners in Guantanamo who have not received their day in court.

Look at what Romney said about Guantanamo during the 2008 election:

Is it any wonder I don't like Romney-- this is just one thing-- does he really know what's going on and is he willing to see the reality of many situations and deal with them?

Ron Paul on the otherhand-- Here's a video of his predictions from 2002:

My husband was the one who found all these links-- I liked them so much I wanted to share. Knowledge is power.

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